Friday, March 26, 2010

Project Details

Action Objectives 2010 - 2011:
~We will convene a series of gatherings to build relationships among women of diverse faith traditions and women who define themselves as 'spiritual' rather than religious; women from a feminist perspective and women who practice subtle spiritual activism; women who represent diverse cultural and ethnic perspectives; and women who represent a wide variety of spiritual and interfaith organizations.

Fall 2010 ~ A retreat by invitation only for 20-30 women spiritual leaders representing a variety of organizations from North America to build relationships, explore the current realities of women’s spiritual leadership and define future collaborative projects

2011~ A convocation of 200-300 women to activate personal and collective spiritual leadership on a larger scale

~We will practice and model a feminine way of doing things, creating a structure based upon shared leadership, collaborative practices, circle process, deep listening and holding the space for the emergence of divine guidance and collective vision.

~We will offer multiple opportunities to explore important questions about the current state of women’s spiritual leadership:
What is going on now?
Where are the natural partnerships and opportunities for collaboration?
How can we support each other?
What are the ways we can get and stay connected?

~We will share the proceedings and outcomes of these gatherings in publications and multimedia ensembles through a network of women's organizations. This will include:

• publication of a book of collected wisdom from diverse women leaders reflecting upon the current pattern of feminine spiritual leadership in North America.
• an online archive of video and audio interviews with diverse women leaders discussing the Sacred Feminine, feminine principles and women’s spiritual leadership
• an interactive website to serve as a hub for disseminating information and resources

~We will support the existing and emerging spiritual and interfaith women’s networks in the U.S. and Canada including:
North American Women of Faith Network
Women’s Interfaith Initiative
Women’s Spirit Council
United Religions Initiative
Parliament of the World’s Religions
and more
and we will seek to weave these various networks together into a more unified and cohesive community.

~We will build upon the momentum and relationships from the 2009 Parliament of the World's Religions and utilize the various leadership structures of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions (CPWR).

~We will utilize the venues and capabilities of the Internet interactive community (such as the Parliament of World Religions social network PeaceNext) as hubs for exchanging information, resources and ideas.

Leadership and Staffing
This project will be co-convened by four women bringing diverse organizational histories and affiliations. All four are Ambassadors to the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Kathe Schaaf is one of the original co-founders of Gather the Women Global Matrix and served as President and administrator of that collaborative global community for five years. She currently anchors numerous ‘collaborative conversations’ connecting women and women’s organizations internationally. Her collaborations have included several international Gather the Women Congresses, a series of trans-partisan dialogues for women in 2008 and Constellations of Hope in November 2008, which brought together representatives of 40 North American women's organizations. Kathe is also a founding member Women’s Spirit Council, an emerging network of women and women’s organizations supporting women’s spiritual leadership.

Reverend Guo Cheen is an ordained Buddhist nun in the Mahayana Chan tradition. She has taught meditation, Buddhist scriptures and teachings of the Buddha to a wide range of audiences and venues. She is active in interfaith dialogues and interspiritual movements, partnership with the Charter for Compassion, and the Compassionate Action Network in Seattle, Washington. She is also founding a multimedia network that shares and distributes inspiration, such as talks of and interviews with spiritual luminaries and compassionate beings. Reverend Guo Cheen has a Masters in Public Administration. Prior to becoming a nun, she worked as a civil rights policy analyst on a presidential task force in Washington DC.

Kay Lindahl is a Certified Listening Professional, designated by the International Listening Association. She is the founder of The Listening Center and is recognized as an inspiring teacher and spiritual guide to people of all religious backgrounds. An ordained interfaith minister, she conducts workshops and retreats around the world on the sacred art of listening for religious, spiritual, educational, health services, community and business groups. Kay is also the founder of The Alliance for Spiritual Community, which focuses on the dialogue process. She is a dedicated spokesperson for the interfaith movement and serves on the Board of Directors for the North American Interfaith Network and The Immortal Chaplains Foundation. She is a past trustee for the Global Council of the United Religions Initiative and a member in Forge Guild for Spiritual Leaders.

Kathleen S. Hurty, Ph.D., is a Teaching Fellow in leadership studies at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (a partner in the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA). In addition, she is a consultant for the Council for the Parliament of World Religions. She does grant writing and research for non-profit faith-based organizations interested in collaborative approaches to justice and social change. Her previous experience includes public school teaching and administration, ecumenical administration (National Council of Churches and Church Women United) as well community leadership and service on a number of boards. A member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Dr. Hurty is a committed educator, a creative writer and a public speaker, having served as keynoter for numerous events. She is actively involved in Interreligious dialogue and advocacy. Her doctoral research on women school principals at the University of California, Berkeley, gave her insight into the basic elements of collaborative leadership.

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  1. Kathe and all! I am so excited that you are creating this forum for the exchange and participation of these ideas and creative potentials for women! I'm very much looking forward to participating with you in these events!
    Francyl Gawryn