Friday, July 16, 2010

Reflections of the Exploratory Conversations

Our final Exploratory Conversation unfolded last night exploring the question "What is waiting to be birthed in the community of women and spirit?" Our mailbox has been full of loving messages today from women who connected with this series of conversations.

Here are some of the reflections:

It was a great call last night. I am loving the powerful -- invisible (morphic field) leadership style of women as their innate wisdom and gifts emerge into form and become the new culture.
I loved being with you and all those wonderful women last night! Thank you … Looking forward to the time when we meet again! Whenever it might be!
I so much loved being a part of the first call.... I just wish to thank each of you for putting this together. I also want to be kept informed of any other works you all decide to create. Possibly one day our paths will meet again.

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