Monday, May 2, 2011

Alchemy was wonderful

We are basking in the afterglow of 'The Alchemy of Our Spiritual Leadership: Women Redefining Power' which unfolded this past weekend in San Francisco. More than 145 women representing many diverse spiritual traditions came together from across the U.S. and Canada ... and created a loving and nurturing community where we celebrated the shared passions that unite us ... and the challenges that face us ... as women spiritual leaders. 

Action groups came together to:
  • co-create a mentoring initiative
  • brainstorm about supporting local and regional circles of Women of Spirit and Faith
  • plan for the involvement of women in the Parliament of the World's Religions in Brussels, Belgium in 2014
  • create a stronger on-line presence for the voices of spiritual women
  • begin planning the structure and future activities of the Young Women Leaders Council.
You will be able to 'hear' the voices of many of the women at this gathering with the release of Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership: Where Grace Meets Power to be published by SkyLight Paths in October 2011.

Deepest gratitude to all the women who stepped into leadership to make this collaborative gathering so rich. Each of you brought your gifts so generously ... and created an experience that touched us all deeply.

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